A few quick Iris pics...

She's just six days old and we already love her so much!!! Thank you to everyone for their warm wishes - the blog comments and emails have all been so sweet and much appreciated!!

I still haven't had a chance to do a proper photo shoot with her... but without further ado, here's a few quick photos of our little sweetie!

- Heather


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Happy Spring
Iris is here!!!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that our beautiful baby girl Iris Ruth was born at home Saturday, March 21st at 1:01pm - 8lbs 1oz!!!

She is perfect in every way and we love her so much already! Photos to come soon once I've managed to get a bit of sleep!!

- Heather (and hubby Eric)


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Katherine & Peter
Rosewater Wedding

We made our way to Katherine's family home the morning of her wedding and things couldn't have been more perfect. The sun was shining and the girls all looked amazing. We definitely were not expecting the huge thunderstorm that hit later that afternoon!

Thankfully, we were making our way back to the Rosewater room for Katherine and Peter's reception when the rain started. There are also great little indoor options at the Rosewater, so we finished up the portraits there.

Katherine was a little nervous about having her photo taken, but looking at what we captured on her wedding day I don't think anyone could tell!


- Lindsay

I love these two photos. The one above of Katherine waiting in the limo outside the church and below of Peter anxiously awaiting his Bride.

I LOVE this photo!

Liz and Neil were married last August. It was great to see them again (and thanks for the referral!)

This is the exact moment that the dark clouds rolled in. I couldn't believe how quickly the sun disappeared and although I wish I could have taken a few more photos of these daring groomsmen...we had to run for cover!


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