Sandra + Greg
{Earl Bales Park Toronto Ontario Engagement Photography}

Oh, how I am missing leaves on the trees and this warm sunny evening strolling through the park with Sandra and Greg. We shared a fun adventure through Earl Bales Park and lots of laughs along the way. I can't wait to photograph their wedding this year!

- Lindsay {Whitby Ontario Wedding Photographer}

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Christina + Mark
{London Ontario Engagement Photography}

It's not very often that we get to photograph public school sweethearts, but we were lucky enough to have that opportunity with Christina and Mark! While there may have been a crazy wind storm during their shoot, that didn't slow us down from exploring some very sentimental locations for them.  From the first place that they met in grade school, to Western University (where we were able to see some fleeting blossoms!) to Prince Alberts & Winks were they used to go on dates, we really did get a look into this couples cute love story! 

~ Niki {London Ontario Wedding Photography}

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Justine + Laran
{Appleland Station Thorndale Ontario Engagement Photography}

Justine and Laran LOVE Halloween & all things fall so we met up at Appleland Station for a sweet autumn session! Scroll down for a scary surprise from their annual haunted house! I'm so excited for their wedding later this year! 

- Heather {London Ontario Wedding Photographer}

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